Want to increase sales? Acquire more customers? Test something new? Promote a product or service? Start a new business?

We have the human capital for any project, in any industry, any situation, anywhere in Canada. We do it all. Big or small. 

From promoting knives, to cars, to selling insurance, credit cards, beer, hot dogs, lingerie, gadgets, toys, to promoting a business start up, we have the personality, the skill and the will to get the job done. 

We have a pool of staff waiting to sell, demonstrate, test or acquire anything you can throw at us. 

The beauty is that you pay on piece work only. You pay only on what we produce.

Simply: If we don't sell, you don't pay. 

Pretty cool, right?  

Some of our events, staff at work, projects, product promotions and affiliations. 

"We had SSM promote our new kitchen utensils line and saw an increase in sales by 32%".  

D. Mann, KitchenAid

"The way they do it is remarkable. The results were exactly what we were looking for".  

B. Brown, Top Dogs Inc. 

 "We were a failing business and once SSM took over, we are now out of the red and looking to further expand our business. All thanks to their remarkable work".  

B. McGuire, Parts Unlimited 

"We had a new product that we wanted to pilot to the Canadian market, which came with doubts. After we saw the results that came in from SSM, we decided to run with it and it hasn't disappointed since. They were bang on".

G. Flannigan, Logitech Inc. 

"SSM is the company to go to for client acquisition and product testing. They are the best in the business".  

A. Armstrong, Celestica. 

"I needed Sales staff to help me start building a customer base and heard about SSM. I couldn't afford to hire salaried staff, nor had the time to look for quality people. They started sending me customers within the first week".

B. Birl, MMC. 

"SSM was true to their word, no sales, no pay. As a small business owner, it was a major financial relief knowing that". 

J. Usuwaga, Northplex City

"We use SSM for our seasonal campaigns and they have surpassed our expectations and are true, sincere business partners. They put the right people in place and deliver". 

S. Machulacshma, United Way

"Impressive. We couldn't have succeeded the way we did, if SSM didn't help". 

P. Amati, Audi Canada

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